Janet Franco Ruiz Achieves Dream of Homeownership on August 20

Valvoline, Schneider Electric, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. & Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant collaborate to build homes, communities and hope in Lexington

[Lexington] (August 15, 2017) — Janet Franco Ruiz has worked hard to provide a home for her children, Maritza (9), Ana (6) and Matthew (1). On Sunday, August 20 at 3:00 p.m., her hard work will pay off as she dedicates her new Lexington Habitat for Humanity home at 1797 Russell Cave Road. Home sponsors, Valvoline, Schneider Electric, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant, will join the Ruiz family in their celebration.

“Janet understands that owning her home establishes a strong foundation for her children’s futures,” shared Rachel Childress, Lexington Habitat CEO. “She hopes to send them to college and knows that the self-reliance she has achieved through homeownership will be an excellent example for them to follow. Lexington Habitat is blessed to have compassionate and generous support from our homebuyer sponsors. The future of our world rests with our children and these sponsors are helping make it possible for them to succeed.”

Valvoline, Schneider Electic, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant are consistent supporters of the mission to work with families to provide decent, affordable housing.

“QUOTE from sponsor about their involvement and its importance to Lexington,” said NAME of ORGANIZATION.


Janet thanks everyone who has worked alongside her to make the dream of homeownership come true. She has a special blessing for the home sponsors for their support.


For more information about supporting a future home build either financially or through volunteering on a build site, contact Trish Roberts Hatler at trishH@lexhabitat.org