In September, 2015, I was blessed to attend a Habitat for Humanity International Global Village trip to Malawi, Africa. We spent time in the city of Lilongwe looking at community based solutions affecting housing, like water and sanitation. We also traveled to a more remote village in Salima to work on housing for children orphaned, primarily by AIDS/HIV. Rachel grinning with trowel

In applying for funds to support the trip I had to articulate how the trip would affect my “personal and professional life”. . .  I believed I would gain a deeper understanding of what it really means to be in need of decent housing and the myriad of ways that can be achieved. I believed I would meet people native to Africa and from other affiliates who would broaden and encourage my thinking. I believed I would have the opportunity to share from my work and personal experience things which might be beneficial to others. I believed I would return physically fatigued and emotionally expanded. I intended to make this trip with my mind, hands and heart open to what God desired for my life. Ultimately, I wasn't sure how I would be changed, just that I would. What follows are my thoughts about this incredible experience.