Link-Belt supports affordable home construction in Lexington

[Lexington] (June 20, 2017) — Lexington Habitat for Humanity will celebrate the completed construction of Tanya Sullivan’s home during the dedication ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. The house, located at 1807 Russell Cave Road, will become home to Tanya and her children, Tony (16) and Ka’Marya (11). Her grown son, Dequarius, and granddaughter, La’Nia (4), will be frequent visitors to the family’s home.

The Sullivan family home was built thanks to the partnership between Lexington Habitat and Link-Belt, leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of telescopic and lattice boom cranes, with headquarters here in Lexington. “Link-Belt and our employees are proud to support the work of Lexington Habitat for Humanity in providing affordable housing here in our local community. This is such an enriching process for our employees to come together to build and provide a home for a family in our community. We look forward to turning the keys to their new home over to the Sullivan family,” said Melvin Porter, Link-Belt President and CEO.

“When Link-Belt made a commitment to Lexington Habitat five years ago, they were all in. They not only provided the “funds and volunteers to support their homebuyer family, they had so many folks who wanted to work with us that they provided the labor for an additional family. Their faithful commitment has made Tanya the sixth family they have served and we join in her gratitude to them for helping making homeownership possible for these families,” said Rachel Smith Childress, Lexington Habitat CEO.


Tanya is thankful for the opportunity Lexington Habitat and Link-Belt have provided to her and her family. “Thanks to everyone for the blessing that everyone has given me and my family. Thank you all for putting a smile on our faces. And thank you for making our dreams come true. We really do appreciate everyone from the bottom of our hearts.”


For more information about supporting a future home build either financially or through volunteering on a build site, contact Laura Howard at or 859-252-2224 ext. 113.

CLARK Forklift supports affordable housing during their centennial and beyond

[Lexington] (June 21, 2017) — The Alvarez Family- Karina, Marcelo and their children, Antonella (8), Isabelle (2) and newborn Sophia - will receive the key to their new home located at 1813 Russell Cave Road during the dedication ceremony at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, June 24. Karina and Marcelo have a great appreciation for the value of family and are grateful to bring their whole family together in a home of their own.

CLARK Material Handling sponsored and built the Alvarez family home while celebrating their Centennial. “CLARK Material Handling is very proud to have participated in the building of this Habitat Home in Lexington. Beyond the complete support of our employees who raised charitable donations to support this build, as well as the corporate culture at CLARK to provide community support where needed, we also acknowledge the fine work of electricians, plumbers, engineers and alike who all poured their heart and soul into this build. CLARK has been a strong supporter of Habitat over the years but this build marks the first solely supported house build in our 100 year history. We congratulate the Alverez family and wish them many years of comfort in their new home,” said Dennis Lawrence, CLARK President and CEO.

“It has been an honor to work with CLARK in celebration of their Centennial. The partnership between management and employees helped them raise funds and provide volunteers to ensure Marcelo and Karina could provide their young family with a decent, affordable home which they can now call their own. This company has shown its compassion and generosity to the Lexington community for many years and we are so thankful to welcome them to the Habitat family with their first homebuyer sponsorship,” said Rachel Smith Childress, Lexington Habitat CEO.

In order to work toward a home of their own through Lexington Habitat, the Alvarez family has completed over 500 hours of sweat equity, as well as classes to support financial literacy and homeownership basics. The family hopes to one day sponsor a home for another family in Lexington. “We didn’t know an organization like this exists,” they shared. “As we’ve been helped along the way, so one day we want to help others.”

For more information about supporting a future home build either financially or through volunteering on a build site, contact Laura Howard at or call 859-252-2224 ext. 123.

Valvoline, Schneider Electric, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. & Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant collaborate to build homes, communities and hope in Lexington

[Lexington] (August 15, 2017) — Janet Franco Ruiz has worked hard to provide a home for her children, Maritza (9), Ana (6) and Matthew (1). On Sunday, August 20 at 3:00 p.m., her hard work will pay off as she dedicates her new Lexington Habitat for Humanity home at 1797 Russell Cave Road. Home sponsors, Valvoline, Schneider Electric, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant, will join the Ruiz family in their celebration.

“Janet understands that owning her home establishes a strong foundation for her children’s futures,” shared Rachel Childress, Lexington Habitat CEO. “She hopes to send them to college and knows that the self-reliance she has achieved through homeownership will be an excellent example for them to follow. Lexington Habitat is blessed to have compassionate and generous support from our homebuyer sponsors. The future of our world rests with our children and these sponsors are helping make it possible for them to succeed.”

Valvoline, Schneider Electic, The Thompson R. Bryant, Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund Grant are consistent supporters of the mission to work with families to provide decent, affordable housing.

“QUOTE from sponsor about their involvement and its importance to Lexington,” said NAME of ORGANIZATION.


Janet thanks everyone who has worked alongside her to make the dream of homeownership come true. She has a special blessing for the home sponsors for their support.


For more information about supporting a future home build either financially or through volunteering on a build site, contact Trish Roberts Hatler at

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