Chick-fil-A at Turfland Unveils New Recycling Shelter

(August 10, 2018) – Earlier this year, Chick-fil-A Turfland approached us about finding a way to keep their Waffle Fry Potato boxes and 5 gallon pickle buckets out of the landfill. Lexington Habitat for Humanity ReStore was happy to partner again with Chick-fil-A for this project! The ReStore now picks up the boxes and buckets and brings them back to their two locations (817 Winchester Road and 451 Southland Drive) where they will be sold to the public as moving boxes and utility buckets. Proceeds from the ReStore helps build homes, communities and hope for families in need of affordable housing.

In talking through the logistics of this project, we needed a place to store the buckets and boxes until they collected enough for pick-up so we came up with a small shed that will be placed near the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A Turfland. Graphics on the shed will bring awareness to the partnership and to the vision of Habitat for Humanity. The shed was built & installed by the Lexington Habitat Amigos volunteer group.

Boxes will be sold for $0.50 each and the food-grade, 5-gallon buckets for $2.99. You can expect to see these in the Lexington ReStore's later this month!