Believe Everyone Should Have A Decent Place To Live? Join the Catholic Parishes of Lexington!

For decades, the Catholic community in Lexington has supported Habitat projects and homebuyers.  Despite the challenges facing our community with COVID-19, this year's partnership moves forward with the support of Lexington's parishes, and in partnership with Thrivent. When you give, you help bring quality, affordable housing within reach of families in our community. With an affordable, stable home, families have more to spend on food, medicine, child care, education and other essentials. Your support transforms lives. Thank you. 

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Meet Useni and Ana

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Useni and Ana came to Lexington as refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo four years ago and quickly decided they love it here. “When we came to Lexington, we were happy. We found friends and everyone is so kind,” Useni says, “We thought it was a good place to stay and make our home, but where we’re from, buying a home is unheard of. I asked people we met and researched to learn how life goes here. Everyone told me to go to Lexington Habitat.”

Useni and Ana say their children, Delfina (20), Monica (18), Asukula (17), Mulumba (14), Jeanette (11), Useni (9) and Samuel (1) are excited about the homeownership program as well and ask “When are we going to have our house?” every day. The kids enjoy playing basketball and video games and are looking forward to having more space in their new home. Currently, the seven children share two bedrooms.

This couple says, “Owning our own home will mean we can better manage our income.” This couple has been married for 25 years and have been through a lot. They say their greatest joy is being together and seeing their kids grow, but the next greatest will be the moment they become homeowners. Ana says, “I can’t wait to live a better life with my family. We are so very happy.”

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