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Believe Everyone Should Have A Decent Place To Live? Join the Catholic Parishes of Lexington!

For decades, the Catholic community in Lexington has supported Habitat projects and homebuyers. When you give, you help bring quality, affordable housing within reach of families in our community. Your support transforms lives. Thank you. 


2022 Homebuyer Family

Nikkia Family Photo.png

Nikkia has lived in Central Kentucky since she was a child and is beyond excited to fulfill her longtime goal of becoming a homeowner here.  

She will share her Lexington Habitat home with her two youngest children, Juston (12) and Noelle (7).  While her oldest, Rashad (13), travels with his dad who is in the military.  Their new home will have space for family gatherings.  

Nikkia works as a Bank Supervisor for a wagering company.  When she isn't working, she likes to read but admits she usually spends her free time doing whatever the kids want to do.  Juston plays football and runs track.  Noelle cheers and enjoys playing baby dolls and Minecraft.  

Currently, this family lives with Nikkia's aunt.  At times, it has been challenging.  "I will have more freedom in my Lexington Habitat house- it will be better for me and my kids."

Nikkia had her oldest son when she was 17 years old. "I had no real support so I felt like I had to quit school." she shares.  But now she feels like she is getting back on track.  She is well on her way to homeownership and plans to begin business management classes at BCTC in the fall.  In addition to becoming a homeowner and earning her degree, Nikkia says her goal in life is just to make memorable experiences with the kids.  

"When I first move in I want to take a week off work, spend a whole week just enjoying the house and enjoying the feeling of not being overwhelmed."

To all of the volunteers and donors who will help Nikkia build a home for her family, she says, "Your contribution is appreciated.  I know Habitat depends on you a lot.  I will appreciate the house and the process.  This is a life experience.  I hope we have fun working together.  This is one of the best opportunities I've had and I will not take that for granted."


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