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Lexington Nonprofit Coalition Releases Voter Guide

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (KNN) – Nonprofit organizations are nonpartisan and play a vital role in civic engagement. Registering people to vote, equipping them with information about what’s on their ballot, and reminding them to vote benefits our communities far beyond the outcome of any particular election. Because nonprofits are nonpartisan, we don’t endorse specific candidates or political parties. Nonprofits are important to helping people exercise their right to vote because we are committed to strengthening communities; we are actively present and engaged in our communities; and we are trusted to provide accurate information.

To help educate the Lexington community on issues of importance to nonprofits and ultimately, the people we serve, the Lexington Nonprofit Coalition invited both candidates running for Mayor to answer three questions. All unedited answers received by both candidates are included in this Guide. Information about district-level Urban County Council candidate forums held by the Coalition and voting is also included.

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