Get it done. Feel good about it.

ReStore’s Free Pick-Up Service is the Easiest Way to Get Rid of Your Large Unwanted Items.

What’s more exciting than making your home your own with new furnishings or upgrades? Knowing you can give new life to no-longer-wanted items when they’re ready to find a new home! That’s where Lexington Habitat for Humanity ReStore comes in.

Donating to ReStore is easy, and you’ll feel good when it’s done. Why? You’ll have kept reusable materials out of landfills and taken care of neighbors in need, since every ReStore donation helps Lexington Habitat for Humanity meet the need for affordable housing in Lexington.

If an item will fit in your vehicle, please bring it to our Lexington store at 451 Southland Drive. (You can do a little shopping while you’re here!) If it’s a larger item, we’ll be happy to come get it. We offer free large item pick-up services in Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles. Our experienced and friendly staff will collect your donation efficiently and safely without damaging your property.

To take advantage of ReStore’s pick-up service for larger items,

follow these steps: 


Before scheduling your free large item pick-up online, check the following to ensure a safe and efficient process: 

  • Review our accepted items: While we’d love to take anything you want to donate, there are a few items (like mattresses and commercial doors) we’re unable to accept because they can be dangerous for our volunteers.
  • Snap a photo: A picture of your item will help us plan for your pick-up. It’s best to measure your item too; that’s not needed for every donation, but we may need dimensions of large or unusually-sized items to ensure adequate space in our ReStore truck.


Now, schedule your pick-up online! Free pick-up services are offered Monday through Saturday, 9 am–noon and 1–4 pm.

We’ll also need to know some basic details about the home or business from which the item will be removed. Our online form only takes a few minutes to complete, and it expedites pick-ups and helps keep you and our volunteers safe.


We’ll review your request to be sure your item fits our donation requirements. Then we’ll send you an estimated date and time frame for your pick-up, and you’ll receive a detailed confirmation email.

On pick-up day, our Donation Ambassadors will call you when they’re on their way. Our truck is clearly marked with the ReStore logo, so when we pull up, you’ll know it’s us. 


When we arrive, make sure there’s a clear, accessible path to the item and that, if it’s an electrical appliance, it’s unplugged.

Then it’s time to say goodbye. Go ahead and hug that bureau if you want to. Give that chair a little smooch; we don’t mind. After all, it’s taken good care of you…and now it’s off to its new life with a delighted ReStore shopper!

For more information on scheduling a large item pick-up, call us at (859) 252-2224 x100 or email us at Thank you for your support of Lexington Habitat for Humanity!