Thinking about a home or kitchen remodel?


Habitat ReStore can help you salvage, save, and support your community at the same time!


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Lexington Habitat’s trained staff can carefully remove items such as your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Rather than go to the landfill, salvaged materials find a second home through Habitat ReStore. Proceeds from your donation help fund building and repairing homes for your neighbors in need. We will provide a receipt as your donation may be tax-deductible. Our staff are fully insured.
Requirements for Kitchen Cabinet Removal: 
  • Cabinets must have been installed after 1980 due to Lead Laws. You can check the age of your home here. For cabinets older than 1980, Habitat ReStore may still be able to pick-up the cabinets for donation and provide you with a receipt. Schedule a donation pick-up here.
  • Deconstruction projects will be considered in Fayette County, Nicholasville, Versailles, Midway, Paris, and Frankfort. If you reside in Madison or Clark county, please contact the Madison & Clark Counties ReStore for information.
Beyond the Kitchen...
On a case by case basis we are able to complete other deconstruction projects beyond kitchen cabinet uninstalls. If you are interested in having items other than a kitchen uninstalled, please contact us! (Select 'Residential - Deconstruction/Uninstall Service' or 'Commercial - Deconstruction/Uninstall Service' and fill out the requested information). We will be back in touch with you shortly!
How Does the Deconstruction Process Work?
  1. Request the Deconstruction Team online (select 'Residential - Deconstruction/Uninstall Service' or 'Commercial - Deconstruction/Uninstall Service' and fill out the requested information). We will be back in touch with you shortly!
  2. The Deconstruction Manager will evaluate your project and schedule a mutually convenient timeline for the project.
  3. Our trained Deconstruction staff will arrive as scheduled to carefully remove the agreed upon items. We will leave your site clean and ready for the next phase of your project. You will receive an itemized inventory of everything salvaged for your tax records. Salvaged items will be take to the Lexington Habitat ReStore for resale.

*Donors are responsible for determining the value of your donated materials. IRS regulations prohibit charitable organizations from establishing or affirming the value of contributions. If the value of your donation is five thousand dollars or more, the donor is responsible for hiring a thrid party appraiser whose signature will be required on the IRS form 8283. The appraisal must be performed prior to the uninstallation of items.


Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you perform uninstalls and how long will it take?

We schedule kitchen uninstalls Monday through Friday, arriving by 9 am and typically finishing around noon or shortly thereafter.

Do I need my contractor to disconnect the plumbing and electrical before you arrive?

We can disconnect all plumbing and electrical necessary to remove the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances and related items.

How far out are you booked?

While we can sometimes schedule the same week that you call, we are more often than not booked out at least a week. Calling to schedule your uninstall two weeks ahead of time will allow for you to reserve the date that is most convenient for your schedule.

Will you provide me with a receipt for the items donated?

We will send you a receipt of all items donated by email the same day as your project.

Who will come to uninstall my cabinets and appliances?

Only our full time, professionally trained staff will arrive to remove these items from your home. We do not send volunteers on kitchen uninstalls

What other items can you remove while there?

We can remove cabinets, counter tops, appliances, sinks, light fixtures, vanities, doors and other small items if time allows. We can also accept furniture the same day if space on the truck allows.


Request a Deconstruction Uninstall

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