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Land & Property Donations

Space that we can transform in to affordable housing is our greatest need. Our construction crew and volunteers are ready to work. Our homebuyers-in-training are ready for the stability and responsibility of homeownership. Our community is ready to be a place where everyone has a decent place to live. Now we need your help to find our next build site! 

We are asking individuals, companies, congregations or other community groups to donate:

  • Vacant lots or tracts of land

  • Homes in need of rehabilitation or demolition

  • Homes to sell

There any many ways to donate real estate:

  • Outright gift of property: We handle required paperwork and pay transfer fees, recording fees and appraisal costs. Your gift may be tax deductible. 

  • Bargain sale: Sell real estate to us for less than its current fair market value.

  • Subdivide your property: If you have more land than you need, consider donating a portion. 

  • Leave your home or property to Lexington Habitat in your will: A gift in your will or living trust can be created or changed at any time. It allows you to continue ownership, enjoy your property during your lifetime and create a legacy in your memory.

Our ability to use, and therefore accept, lot and property donations may vary based on factors such as buildability, zoning, location and conditions of existing structures.

If you are aware of such properties or would like to speak to us about the sale or donation of your property, please contact us.

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