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Critical Home Repair

Through critical home repair and preservation projects, Lexington Habitat’s Love Your Neighborhood program assists low-income homeowners who are affected by age, disability or other circumstances and struggle to maintain the integrity of their homes. This program not only addresses the health, safety and affordability of the individual residences in neighborhoods, it also strengthens connections within the community and helps preserve affordable housing stock. 


Lexington Habitat’s Love Your Neighborhood program focuses on home repair services such as roof repairs and replacement, wall repairs, floor systems, weatherization, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and accessibility updates.

If you have any questions you can contact Ken Nunez, Mortgage & Homeowner Support Coordinator, at (859)252-2224 Ext. 105 or

Applications may be submitted directly by clicking "Apply Online" above. Complete printed applications may be returned by (1) mailing to or placing in a drop box at 700 E Loudon Ave Lexington, KY 40505, (2) scanning and emailing to or (3) by faxing to 859-252-0545. 

After an application is submitted, Lexington Habitat will respond by mail indicating the supporting documents that are necessary to complete the application. Applicants will be scored and ranked by level of need. Not all applications will be approved.

All owners of the property must participate in the application process and the application must include required information for all owners and household members.

Critical Home Repair Application Criteria:

  • Home must be primary residence of applicant(s) currently and for the past five years

  • Applicant(s) must be listed as owner(s) on the deed to the house

  • Have household income below 60% of HUD Area Median Income (updated May 2024):

Household of 1: $40,020 
Household of 2: $45,720
Household of 3: $51,420  
Household of 4: $57,120   
Household of 5: $61,740
Household of 6: $66,300
Household of 7: $70,860
Household of 8: $75,420

  • Willing to make monthly payments to repay an affordable loan to cover a portion of repair costs

  • Unable to afford the repairs without assistance

  • Household liquid assets total less than $10,000

  • No household members appear on National or Kentucky sex offender registry

  • Have current homeowners insurance

  • Have paid their property taxes in full

  • Current with existing mortgage payment (if applicable)

  • Current Property Valuation Administrator’s value of home must be $300,000 or less (2023 maximum)

  • Willing to complete 10 hours of sweat equity

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