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Board Orientation


Chris Farris, Incoming LHFH Board Chair, shares his "Why Habitat?" story. Watch here.

Finance & Administration



Elaine Luhr, LHFH COO, shares an introduction

to our financials. Watch here.



Documents to Review

FY21 Audited Financials

FY21 Form 990



Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Clint Morris, LHFH Human Resources Manager, presents information regarding

Harassment & Discrimination prevention.

Stories of Impact

Health, education and financial security are inextricably bound to housing. When a family has inadequate, overcrowded or over-priced housing, success in other aspects of their lives becomes increasingly challenging. Below are a couple of examples of how how the positive impact of quality, affordable homeownership goes beyond a place to live. 

Health and Safety

Housing plays a critical role in physical health, mental health and safety. A home without mold and vermin improves respiratory health. A place for families to cook together, leads to healthier meals and habits. Safe and attractive places to play, where you can chat with your neighbors, are key to our community identity. Heat, hot water, windows that lock, the simple peace of mind that comes from stability and self-reliance... these things all improve health and safetyOne of our 2018 homebuyers, Laura, is a perfect example of how homeownership improves health and safety. Watch here.

A Foundation For Success

We often talk about how financial stability positively impacts LHFH homeowners, but homeownership greatly benefits children as well. In fact...

  • 96% reported their children were happier after moving into their Habitat home

  • 76% stated their children’s grades improved since moving into their Habitat home.

  • 86% reported their children were healthier and sick less often.

  • 84% reported their children’s school attendance had improved.

Heaven is a great example of this impact. She grew up in a Lexington Habitat home and was awarded the Parker Family scholarship, a scholarship open to LHFH homeowners and their children. Heaven used this foundation to become a teacher. She takes pride in giving back to her community and credits much of her success to the opportunities that came from her family partnering with Lexington Habitat. Watch here.

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