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We are so grateful for our sponsors. Their support makes our builds and special events possible. Sponsorship opportunities are available at many levels. Companies, faith groups and individuals who are interested in sponsoring are encouraged to contact us

Full Sponsorship

A single organization, company, church, civic group, etc. has full responsibility for the project, under the direction of Lexington Habitat staff.
(minimum $62,000) 

Collaborative Group Sponsorship

Several congregations of related churches (Methodist, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Catholic, etc.) or companies or organizations with a similar business or focus (home builders or health care, for example). In this model, each individual group makes a commitment and they collaborate to assign responsibility for leadership roles, work schedules, meals, etc. Collectively, the groups must provide the minimum financial commitment, though some groups may provide only non-financial support. It is up to the group to determine the type and level of commitment of the various participants.
(collectively, minimum $62,000) 

Partial Sponsorship

Organizations that have resources, but which are unable to fully fund a homeownership project and are not part of a collaborative structure. At their request, sponsors may ask to be involved only during limited portions of the build. Lexington Habitat will help coordinate the sponsors’ schedules. Lexington Habitat determines the number of partial sponsors to include on any project, depending upon the number of volunteers sponsors expect to engage and the amount of funds they are able to provide.
($5,000 and up)

Rehabilitation Sponsorship

Lexington Habitat periodically gains ownership of houses that are appropriate for Lexington Habitat partner families, but which require significant remodeling to bring them up to our standards. Remodel sponsors may fall into any of the aforementioned categories.
(collectively $62,000) 

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