NOTICE: Starting March 1, 2018, the Love Your Neighborhood Critical Home Repair application will be available online or by calling Lexington Habitat for Humanity Family Services at 859-252-2224 ext. 105. 


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In 2015 Lexington Habitat launched Love Your Neighborhood Critical Home Repair. This program helps low-income homeowners make needed repairs so they can live in a safe, healthy and affordable home. Critical Home Repair is part of a Habitat for Humanity nation-wide effort to serve homeowners who are affected by age, disability or family circumstances and struggle to maintain the integrity of their homes. Through extensive interior or exterior work, critical health, life and/or safety and affordability issues are alleviated.

Lexington Habitat recognizes that new home construction is only a part of the solution for quality, affordable housing. Love Your Neighborhood Critical Home Repair is part of Lexington Habitat’s broader community development strategy to transform and strengthen communities. It not only addresses the health, safety and affordability of the individual residences in neighborhoods, it also strengthens connections within the community and helps preserve affordable housing stock.

How it Works

Lexington Habitat’s Love Your Neighborhood—Critical Home Repair & Home Preservation program requires an affordable payment from the homeowner for a portion of the repair costs. The program focuses on both exterior and interior home repair services such as roof repairs and replacement, wall repairs, floor systems, weatherization, electrical, plumbing and HVAC, and handicap accessibility issues. Applicants will be scored and ranked by level of need. Not all applications will be approved. Lexington Habitat’s Critical Home Repair & Home Preservation Program serves homeowners in Fayette County who:
  • Have household income below 60% of HUD Area Median Income
                    Household of 1: $28,020          Household of 5: $43,200
                    Household of 2: $31,980          Household of 6: $46,380
                    Household of 3: $36,000          Household of 7: $49,560
                    Household of 4: $39,960          Household of 8: $52,800
  • Have paid their property taxes in full
  • Have clear title to their home and have used as their primary residence for the past 5 years or more
  • Have current homeowners insurance
  • Have kept their existing mortgage payment current, if applicable
  • Willingness to complete 10 hours of sweat equity
  • Unable to afford the repairs without assistance
  • Willing to make monthly payments to repay an affordable loan to cover a portion of the repair cost
To learn more or to request an application please call us at 859-252-2224 x105


How Do I Get Involved?

A Love Your Neighborhood Critical Home Repair fund has been established to ensure funding is available to quickly resolve the urgent housing repair issues facing families. Lexington Habitat works with sponsors to ensure a meaningful experience. Creating community awareness of the Critical Home Repair project and its generous sponsors includes extensive marketing and social media.

For Love Your Neighborhood Critical Home Repair Fund Sponsorship Information contact our Resource Development Director at 859-252-2224 ext. 153 or