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Board Orientation


Opening Devotional by LHFH Board Member, Rob Lawson. Watch here.

Good Governance at Habitat

Mary Shearer, Executive Director of Kentucky Habitat for Humanity, shares her thoughts on leadership and governance in our organization. Watch here. 


Sustainable Building Techniques 

LHFH Construction Director, Huston Royster, talks about what goes in to building a Lexington Habitat house. Watch here. 

Construction Techniques Photo Gallery

We are intentional with the way we build quality, affordable homes. The techniques we use ensure that the families we partner with can age in place and experience affordable homeownership long term. Here are a few examples of these techniques:





Elevator Speech

Now that you are well versed in all things Lexington Habitat, get ready to talk about it! We hope you'll share opportunities to support Lexington Habitat for Humanity with the community. Jeremiah Myers provides information on how to develop your Lexington Habitat elevator speech. Watch here.

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