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Celebrating a remarkable legacy with the Laura Dalzell Honor Build.

Updated: Oct 18

Lexington Habitat for Humanity is proud to announce the

Laura Dalzell Honor Build, a project that recognizes the contributions and impact of the late Laura Dalzell. Beginning in late October, the Honor Build not only commemorates her tireless dedication to affordable housing but also embodies her spirit of compassion and community.

Laura Dalzell was a passionate advocate for, and volunteer with, Lexington Habitat for Humanity. Dedicating over two decades of her life to the mission of providing safe and affordable housing for those in need. Laura's commitment, passion, and unwavering belief in the power of community collaboration was most noted in her dedication to Lexington Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program.

The Laura Dalzell Honor Build will bring together volunteers, sponsors, and supporters from across the community to construct a new home for a deserving family. This build is a celebration of Laura's legacy and a continuation of her love for Lexington Habitat. It exemplifies her belief that everyone deserves a place to call home—a place of stability, security, and hope. "Laura Dalzell's legacy is one of compassion, dedication, and the pursuit of a better future for all," said Darryl Neher, Chief Executive Officer of Lexington Habitat for Humanity. "With this Honor Build, we honor her memory by continuing the work she championed.”

The Laura Dalzell Honor Build will commence on October 25th, 2023 for one of Lexington Habitat for Humanity’s partner families. For more information about the Laura Dalzell Honor Build, including details about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ashley Moore at

To partner with us on this honor build, click here:

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