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Breaking New Ground: Lexington Habitat's First Townhomes

After several years of planning, we broke ground on our first-ever set of townhomes! What is now a vacant lot will soon be home to five incredible, resilient families.

Some of these future homeowners have previously experienced homelessness. Some are refugees. Some are single moms who have found it almost impossible to secure a decent, affordable place to live in our community right now.

Finding buildable, affordable land in Lexington is difficult. This market leaves virtually no options for families with low incomes. Higher density housing is one way we are adapting to be part of the solution. By building townhomes, we're able to maximize the number of people we can house on the limited land available.

In partnership with our volunteers, donors and neighbors - we are not only helping these five families build strong and stable futures. We are building a stronger, more stable community. One where everyone has a decent place to live.

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